operating room in an outpatient clinic

This project was completed for an interdisciplinary studio which brought together graduate students from engineering and design. The entire class conducted many rounds of observations within an outpatient clinic, including observing different types of procedures within an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) operating room, as well as shadowing patients throughout their entire experience at the clinic. The purpose of these initial observations was to understand the process from both the patient’s and the nurse’s point of view, while looking for design opportunities that could improve their experiences.

I then collaborated with a smaller team to focus on the physical supplies and materials that are handled and used during these short

operations. Through the observations we found that all the supplies must be counted and tracked throughout the entire procedure which is very time-consuming process.

To uncover ways to improve this process, we conducted a participatory design session with the head of the sterile storage room.  We provided her with the tools to visualize the problems with the current situation as well as generate ideas for how it could be improved in the future. As a result, key needs were identified and then prioritized, which revealed the areas for the most opportunity. Based on these opportunity areas, we were able to propose preliminary design directions.