patient experience mapping and workshop

This project, which was completed for an international organization that designs and produces healthcare products, involved the creation of six journey maps that communicate the different experiences that patients with diabetes have, both throughout their entire lives as well as on a day-to-day basis. I was part of the team that created these maps, which were based on the results from a series of research studies.

In addition to providing context around people’s experiences with diabetes, the purpose of the maps was to create an empathic connection between the organization’s employees and the people who live with the disease. My role was to analyze the results

of the qualitative study to find user insights and needs so that the human element was evident in the maps. 

I was also involved in a multi-day workshop where the maps were put to use by groups of stakeholders from within the client organization. I participated in activities that ranged from prioritizing need statements within the context of the journey maps, to creating three-dimensional mock-ups of product solutions. I also conducted interviews over two days with patients and healthcare providers in order to validate the needs from the research and evaluate various design solutions that were created in the workshop.