Ideal customer journey for an insurance company

This strategic, insights-driven project sought to uncover and then map the ideal, end-to-end customer journey for a new model of insurance. The overall plan took place over many months with a team of people and used multiple rounds of participatory design research to collect user insights including needs, dreams, challenges, and pain points in order to bring the journey to life.

I was heavily involved in the front end of the project by helping to prepare for the first round of participatory workshops which were made up of diverse user groups from different markets. I developed

a recruiting screener so that appropriate participants would be recruited for the workshops, as well as collaborated in planning the workshop activities to help fill the gaps in the customer journey.  

I was also involved in the analysis of the first round of workshop results. This included an initial “on the wall” analysis session with other team members, followed by more in-depth analysis where the complex and messy data were coded, sorted, and synthesized into insights and implications for the following round of workshops.